Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th August 2016 Written Update YHM Episode Precap

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th August 2016 Written Update YHM Serial on

This serial starts with Shagun and Pihu. Shagun sees that Pihu is crying. Pihu says to Shagun that she never want to happen Shagun’s marriage with Mani. Shagun says to Pihu that why are you crying beta. Pihu says that Mumma(Shagun) why are you doing all this. Shagun says that i also don’t want to do. Everything happens just because of your Ishi Maa. Pihu says that she is not my Ishi Maa. Shagun cries and say that i can’t live without Pihu. Pihu asks that then why are you doing this marriage if you are not happy. Pihu says that i also can’t live without you, you know mumma. Shagun asks from Pihu that she want to live with her. Pihu says yes mummy. Shagun says to Pihu that than she will run with her after marriage. Pihu shocks when she heard Shagun’s word. Pihu asks that what are you saying mom? Shagun says that i collect money to run from there. Pihu says to Shagun that then i will pack my bag and come to you after your marriage.

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Raman shouts on Nellu (maid) and demand for a glass of water. Toshi Bhalla says that why are you crying? Mihika asks from Raman that what happens with your hairs (Jiju). Raman says that i was gone to Barber to cut my hairs but he cuts too shirt. Toshi Bhalla says to Raman to keep calm. Raman says that ok and go back to his room. Raman thinks about Pihu’s words when she asked that why Shagun Mumma is doing marry with uncle (Mani). Raman thinks about  Pihu’s tears. Ishita comes and make him understand that i know you hurted from my decision. But we can’t live Pihu as hurted. If we are ready to go Pihu with Shagun then Pihu always thinks that we all are wrong as like as Ruhi thinks from last 8 years. Raman says to Ishita that i know you are not wrong. I understand about all this. Raman says to Ishita that when you can change Adi’s nature and drop positive thoughts about me and Ruhi’s behaviour from last 8 years then Pihu will also understand us one day. Raman says to Ishita that i always with you because i know you are doing always correct and always makes everyone happy.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th August 2016 Written Update

Ishita goes to Shagun’s room  and wake her up. She says sorry to Shagun that not to give Pihu tin her hands after marriage. Ishita tries to make Shagun understand why she did all this. Shagun says that i can understand. On that time, i was hyper due to that unpredictable condition. I also didn’t understand what i have to do, i was so tensed to see Pihu’s behaviour. Ishita asks Shagun about the dress which she is wearing in marriage. She asks that Shagun is wearing the same saree given by Mihir. Shagun says that Yes.

Adi reaches Aalya’s home with Akka(Mrs. Iyer). Aalya is making Rangoli for the welcome of Shagun. Aalya thanks to Mrs. Iyer to come her home because she can’t understand how to make rangoli. Mrs. Iyer takes color from Aalya’s hand and make Rangoli. Aalya says that i am so excited to talk to Shagun and thinks that Shagun is also very nervous as like as me. Mani comes there and Mrs. Iyer asks from him that is he angry on Ishita’s decision(not to give Pihu to Shagun after marriage).  Mani says to Akka that no, because i know Ishita. Ishita never takes any decision wrong. She thinks about Pihu and then come to say about this. Mrs. Iyer say thanks to Mani to understand Ishita. All are very busy in preparation of Shagun’s marriage. Ishita and Raman breaks everyone duties for the arrangement of marriage.

Mihika and Ishita were tensed to think about which saree we have to wear for marriage. Mihika says to Ishita that why are you not changing Saree till now. Ishita says that she is very tensed to think about Pihu. Mihika says that we will find a way to make Pihu happy. Ishita plans to go for a tour outside with Raman and Pihu. She says that she will talk to travel agent about a good tour. Mihika says that it’s good idea because Pihu always love to roaming. She will be very happy to hear that she is going on a tour. Toshi Bhalla says to Mr. Bhalla that are you ready ? He says yes. Ruhi comes there and Toshi Bhalla says to her she is looking very gorgeous. Toshi Bhalla asks from Ruhi that where is Bridegroom?  On that time, Shagun comes. Toshi Bhalla appreciate Shagun because she is looking very Pretty. Shagun asks about Pihu. Ruhi says that Pihu is not ready to come for marriage. Shagun says to herself that Pihu is doing same as she wants. Ishita tells to Raman that she makes a plan to go for a tour.  She says that she is giving documents to Travel Agent. Toshi Bhalla gives blessing to Shagun and says her that MATA RANI always take care of you. Shagun says to herself that Toshi Bhalla also forget her after Ishita came.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th August 2016:

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