Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th August 2016 Written Episode Update YHM Serial Precap

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th August 2016 Written Episode Update YHM Serial Precap on

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein episode begins when Toshi gives blessings to Shagun. Shagun asks from Raman that is everything ok? Raman says that yes. Ishita praise to Shagun that you are looking very pretty. Shagun says thanks to her. Ishita says that Mani will looks you continuously. All are going for court to Shagun’s marry. Aalya says to Shagun that you are looking gorgeous. Shagun hugs her and say thanks. Mani says to Shagun that you are looking very wonderful. Advocate says to all who are present in court for marriage to switch off their phones. Because phones are not allowed in the court room. Mani asks from Raman about Ishita. Raman says that Ishita is coming before marriage. She is having some documents work at home. Ishita collects all documents for tour purpose. Ishita calls to travel agent and says to him to collect all papers from home. ACP Abhishek investigate Ishita’s Kidnapping. He asks from Anil’s guard that is there any one coming at Anil’s home. He says that one lady was coming here. ACP asks that who is she. Guard says that she is that one which was coming with Ishita once. Shagun’s picture clicks on ACP’s mind. ACP says to himself that may be Shagun is behind all this. ACP asks to hawaldar to check Shagun’s call records.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th August 2016 Written Episode Update:

Ishita finds that letter. She is very curious to take this letter in his hands. Ishita opens this letter and read this. Ishita read this LETTER and SHAGUN’S NAME AFFIX there. Ishita is very much shocked to read this letter. She remind everything about Shagun. She says to herself that Shagun is main culprit in my Kidnapping. Shagun is living with us from last 7 years. She never change, she is playing a game once again. Ishita says that Shagun is harming to Pihu also. I can save her from Shagun. Ishita thinks a lot how to disclose her in front of all others. ACP Abhishek comes to Raman’s home where he finds Ishita. Ishita says that i have to stop Mani’s marriage with Shagun. She spoils Mani’s life also. Ishita says to ACP that she know about the person who is behind her kidnapping. ACP asks her that who is she? Ishita says that Shagun is behind all this. ACP is also shocked. Ishita asks her that did you know about Shagun? ACP says that NO. Raman is trying to call to Ishita. But she is not picking her call. Mihika says to Raman that all are calling him to complete this marriage. ACP says to Ishita that please call to Raman and stop this marriage. Ishita says that she forget her phone. ACP offers his phone to call to Raman. Ishita calls to many person but no one is picking her phone. Raman comes outside to see Ishita, Ishita calls to Raman. He picked her call and asks her that where is she? Raman asks her that from whom she is calling. Ishita says that i am with ACP Abhishek and i am calling from his phone.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th August 2016 Written Update:

Ishita says to Raman that please stop this marriage. Advocate says to complete this marriage after garlands with each other to Mani and Shagun. Shagun asks about Ishita. Raman says that she is coming, we have to wait for few time. But advocate says that its getting too late. When Shagun is going to sign on register, Pen’s Ink finished. Advocate calls to Peon to give a new pen to her. Peon gives Pen to Shagun to sign over there. Shagun asks from Raman that where is Ishita? Raman says that she is coming and ACP is with her. He says that Ishita is calling him to stop this marriage. Shagun says to herself that may be Ishita know about everything. Toshi Bhalla says that please stop this marriage to 5 minutes. May be Ishita is coming at that time. Advocate says that this is court not your home, whenever you wants you can do. Advocate waits Ishita for  minutes.  But whenever Ishita comes, Marriage is finished. Ishita sees both of them married and Shocked. She says to Shagun that why she did all this. Shagun asks to Ishita that what i did?

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