Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th February 2017 Written Episode Update on

The serial starts with the scene in which Ishita gets angry to hear that Toshi Bhalla is doing drama of bad health. Ishita scolds Raman very badly by saying that why are you doing this? He is getting angry very badly because he didn’t do anything in this drama. Toshi Bhalla is coming there and says that Raman didn’t know about this, he didn’t do anything. Even I did this drama just to bring you home back. Mani is coming there and then says that I am so tensed to think about Shagun’s health.

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He says how will I look after her because I have so much work and that’s why I have to travel a lot. Ishita says that you don’t worry, I will look after her. Mani says that how will you do this because I know I won’t shift here. Ishita says you don’t worry, I will shift there for some time and will look after Shagun till her delivery. Mani says no Ishu, you don’t worry, I will do something. ¬†Ishita says why Mani? Why don’t I shift there? Mani says ok, you may come with me. Ishita is going inside to pack her bags. Here Raman and Mani are sitting together in the hall room. Raman says to Mani that you have to stop Ishita because if she live here then we sort out our differences.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th February 2017 Written Update:

Raman asks Mani about her business and asks her what happened? Mani tells that I have invested in a new startup and hopefully it will give me more profit. Raman says that you have to stop Ishita from doing anything. Otherwise, it would become a big problem for me. Suddenly, Ishita is coming there with her luggage. Finally, Ishita is going with Mani and Shagun to their home. Toshi tries to stop her by saying that your father is not at home. Let him come and he will talk to you. Ishita says you don’t worry, I will talk to them and I am sure that he will understand me. Here Gaurav is going to the retirement office and gives money to one the officer there. He says him to give this money to Mr. Iyyer by saying that it’s a pension. He says ok.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th February 2017 Written Episode:

Param sees everything and thinks that maybe Gaurav is doing all this to impress Mr. Bhalla because he knows very well that Mr. Bhalla is coming here with Mr. Iyyer. Later when Mr. Iyer and Mr. Bhalla are coming there. Clerk give them money. Param comes there and tells everything to them about Gaurav. But clerk changes his statement by saying that Param told me to give this money to me.Mr. Bhalla gets angry. Suddenly, Toshi calls them at home because of Ishita’s matter. They are getting shocked to hear this. They are reaching back to the home where all people are talking to each other.

Mr. Bhalla is saying that a husband and children are most important thing in any woman life. Her first priority is only her family, But if she decides to leave her family then it means she hurt a lot. So if she gets hurt then it’s husband’s duty to say sorry to her and makes her realize that how is she important for his family. Everyone is saying that same to Raman. Raman says you don’t worry, I will keep Ishita happy always.¬†Later Mani is coming to the office where he invested a lot. But he comes to know that this office is getting closed. Mani gets shocked very badly.

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