Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th September 2016 Written Episode 908 Update

YHM: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th September 2016 Written Episode 908 Update, YHM 8 Sep 2016 written episode on

The Upcoming Serial continues with the scene in which Shagun and Alia are present in Mihir’s ward. Actually, Alia is so upset by Mihir’s decision that he will stay at Raman’s house after to get discharged from the hospital. Shagun is getting so happy to see Alia’s restlessness. So that, she is trying to take an advantage of this situation. So that, she also starts to convince Mihir for coming to her home because she will take care of him very well with the help of Alia. After some time, Mihir gets ready to go with Shagun’s home, that means Mani’s home. Alia is getting so happy and she hugs Mihir suddenly, which makes him shocked. Mihir says to her that it’s ok, control yourself.

After some time, Raman, Ishita, and Ruhi are coming there. Ishita says to Ruhi to help Mihir mamu to get up from the bed. Suddenly, Alia comes in between and sideline Ruhi because she wants to give support to Mihir. Ishita is pointing everything. So that, Ruhi, Alia, Raman, and Mihir are going outside from there room. Shagun is also about to go. But Ishita stops her and asks her why is she doing all this? Shagun says that I am a bad woman and I like it to do all this. Ishita says no. Shagun says you just wait and watch, I will ruin everything in your life. Ishita gets shocked.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th September 2016 Written  Episode 908:

Shagun challenges Ishita that I will convert Alia’s infatuation into love. I will make them married. She also added that Raman is only mine and I will get him at any cost. Apart from this, I will take Pihu’s custody also. All over, I will ruin your life either Ruhi or Aditya in between my way, I will ruin them too. Here Minister is coming to meet Raman and complaint him against Aditya Bhalla. They are complaining against Aditya Bhalla very badly. They are saying that we don’t want to see Aditya here. Raman says that Aditya is my son and he is definitely coming here.

After some time, Raman and Ministers are getting on controversy very badly. Ishita comes there and asks them what happened? Raman tells everything to here. Here Alia is in Mihir’s room and she is trying to help him. Mihir says that I am getting alright and I will do my work on my own. Suddenly, Mihir opens his bag  and brings out all memories of Rinky. Alia gets angry after seeing them.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th September 2016:

Here Alia is coming in her room and she is getting so upset. Here Mihir makes a call to Ishita to asks her about workers strike. Ishita says yes, you were heard right. Mihir says that don’t worry, I will look after this matter. Here Shagun is coming in Alia’s room and comes to know about her tension.

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