Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Serial start with the scene in which the Aditya and Alia are in the office. They are talking to each other about Shagun. Aditya says that Mani uncle must have to know the Shagun’s truth that she was getting ready to divorce him in just one second for Vidyut. So that he have to know all this. I know Shagun is my mumma, so that I know her very well. She can never get change.

Sohail is coming there and says that I don’t have any interior motive. Ruhi says we don’t mean that. Sohail says that Raman uncle forgot to do signatures on the cheque. Ruhi says him to sit and papa is coming back soon. He says no and let me go from here because I am getting late. Ruhi says no you have to sit here and eat something.

Ishita and Raman are getting one court notice that Ishita’s case will be getting on fast track from the next week. Ishita reads out it and then handover it to Raman. He starts to read out it. Ruhi and all other family members are coming there. They are getting tensed. Vidyut is coming there and asks what happened? Raman tells everything to him.

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Vidyut says that I am getting some information about Nisha’s father. Suddenly, Sohail is also coming there and then asks Raman that you forgot to do signatures on the cheque. Raman says oh yes I forgot. But you have to give it to me and let me do a signature on it. Sohail hears their conversation and says that are you talking about Nisha? They are saying yes, do you know her? He says yes. Everybody gets shocked. Click here-> Yeh hai Mohabbatein 8th December 2016 written update  . Sohail says that I know something about this case. So that we have to go the police station now. Simmi thinks that I was thinking wrong but he is trying to help us by real heart.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th December 2016 Written Episode:

After some time, they all are coming to the police station where Nisha’s parents are also coming there. They are asking to Abhishek that why you called me here? Abhishek says to have some patience and gives me some time. He can ask Sohail what happened? He says that please give me some time which will prove Ishita innocent. Suddenly, Sohail’s peon is coming there and give some file to him.

Sohail tells everything about Nisha that she was suffered by mental issues and she was not stable. I know all this because my papa is top most psychiatrist of Delhi and he gave treatment to Nisha. So that I went my father’s office one time and then see you both there. You are Nisha’s parents and there you were misbehaving with my father. So that I remember your faces.

Sohail gives that report to Abhishek and then he tells that nothing is left in the case. Nisha’s father says that ok I am ready to take my case back from the court tomorrow. All people are getting so happy to see all this. Raman and Ishita are getting mesmerized. After this, all people are coming back to the home. Sohail is going from there. Ishita forces him to come to their home because he did a lot for them.

After to come back home, all people are enjoying drinks and celebrate this happiness. Vidyut says that let me and I will go to an Australia and will do only commentary there. So just wish me a good luck and I will keep you posted. All people are giving their best wishes to Vidyut. After this, Mihika says that today we will also enjoy the drink. In the next day morning, Raman asks Toshi Bhalla that where is Ishita?

She says that Ishita is going with Pihu in the school. She is going there to help her in the project. Toshi says that we were doing a lot because we have 4 children and we were not sleeping whole night just to keep our children with safe and care. Here Ruhi is talking to her manager and says that I know this is really a big concert but I don’t say anything without to ask my parents. Mihika asks what happened? Ruhi tells everything that my manager is forcing me to do a concert of Enigma company. Mihika says it’s a good company.

Ruhi says that yes I know Enigma is a big company but I want to spend more time with my family. Family matters chitti. Mihika says yes. Neelu is coming there and says that Raman bhaiya forgot to take a lunch. Ruhi says I am going to there because I have some urgent work there. So that I will take it with me. Neelu says ok. Here Ishita is talking with Pihu’s classmates mother. They are saying to Ishita that we will add you in children parents group. Earlier we have added Raman Bhalla but now you are coming then we will add you.

Suddnely, a woman is going from there. Rest are saying that, she is Shalini and she is looking disturb now a days. Don’t know what happened. Here Shalini is crossing the road and she is about to strike with a car. Ishita saves her and asks what happened? She asks who are you? Ishita says I am Pihu’s mother, Ishita Bhalla.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th December 2016 Written Episode:

Shalini replies that my daughter is so disturbed and she don’t have any friend. Teacher says that if she will not change her behavior then they will throw her out from the school. She says that teachers told me to take my daughter to the physciatrist. But I won’t do it. Ishita asks why? She replies that my family is so reserve and they will give permisison to me to go there. Ishita says you will ruin your daughter’s life only because of your family why? Ishita says that I know one good doctor who will keep your case secret. Ishita thinks about Sohail’s father Vikram Behl.

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