Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th February 2017 Written Episode Update on

The serial starts with the scene in which Alia is saying to Ruhi and Pihu that you just fell comfortable. She is helping Pihu and Ruhi. Ruhi says to Alia that you don’t worry, we are easy here. Even you are roaming around us till the time when we were coming here. Alia says ok and now I am going to look after the rice. Ruhi says to Pihu that you just watch out your favorite serial i.e Sajan Ka Sasural. Pihu says I want to watch out this show only with dadi ji. Ishita hears it. She comes inside and says to Pihu that are you ready to carry out the responsibilities of a baby. Pihu asks which baby? Ishita says your Shagun mumma will be going to give a small baby to us. So that baby will call you didi. This “didi” word means a very big responsibility. So are you ready for this. Pihu replies that you don’t worry Mumma, I am ready to take care of Shagun mumma.

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Here Raman and Romi are in the office. But Raman is looking restless. Romi asks what happened? Why are you coming here? Raman gets silent. Romi says I know you are thinking about Ruhi, Pihu, and Ishita bhabhi. Raman says yes. Here Mani is getting tensed to think about aunty ji because Nidhi threatened him by saying that if Mani won’t help her then she will kill his aunty. Mani makes a call to his aunty but her care-taker is taking the call. Mani asks her about aunty ji. But she replies that she is bathing and then we will be going to Mahabalipuram for one month. Mani says don’t you go anywhere, I am sending a ticket and then sends aunty ji to Delhi as soon as possible. Caretaker replies that she won’t come to Delhi because Nidhi ji was saying me to fulfill all wishes of your aunty ji. So that your aunty ji want to go to Mahabalipuram then she will definitely go.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th February 2017 Written Update:

Here Pihu and Ruhi are making a call to Bhalla house. All people are getting so happy to get Ruhi and Pihu’s video call. They are talking to each other. Pihu says to Dadi to take medicine and takes care of herself. She is giving directions to all people and says that we will monitor you. Toshi and all people are getting so happy. Here Param is coming to meet Gaurav and asks what do you want? Param replies that why are you trying to trap me. Gaurav says that I am not a bad man but you are trying to come in my way. So that I am doing all this with you. At last, Gaurav says him to get out from his office.

Alia is getting stuck in the car because of rain. Aditya is also there. Alia says that I am going outside with umbrella and enjoys the rain. Aditya stops her but she doesn’t listen him. She comes out from the car. She gets wet in the rain. Aditya comes out and looks at her romantically. A song plays on in the backgroud i.e,”Jara Jara Nind Bhi Ajnabi Si Hogai, Jara Chain Se Dushmani Si Hogai.” He is coming near to Alia and starts to touches her wet hairs. Alia closes her eyes and catches Aditya hand very sweetly. Both are enjoying a nice eye lock. Both are coming close to each other.  Aditya and Alia are creating an environment just like a movie under the umbrella. Aditya says to Alia that I want to live with you. So that we live together, stay together, make food together, and wants you in my life only. I love you Alia! Alia gets mesmerized and looks towards Aditya.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th February 2017 Written Episode:

After this, Aditya and Alia are going somewhere. They are sharing some sweet moments with each other. Aditya says to Alia that let me drop you to the home. Here Ishita opens the door and says Aditya to come inside. Aditya says that I am going to home. Aliaa feels shy there. Ihsita says you both are getting wet, so come inside and change your clothes. Aditya says no Ishima, I am going to the home because dadi is waiting for me. Suddenly, Ishita sees one lipstick mark on Aditya’s shirt. She gets little shocked.

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