YHM: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th August 2016 Written Episode 894 Update

YHM: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th August 2016 Written Episode 894 Update on Tellyserialupdates.com

The Upcoming Serial continues with the scene in which Ishita and Raman are talking to each other. Ishita tells Raman that Alia wished me all the best, she is my best friend. Even though she shared her personal feelings with me also. Raman asks what? Ishita says she told me that she is in love. Raman gets so happy and thinks that maybe she is in love with Aditya. Ishita asks what? What are you thinking now? Raman says nothing. I am just thinking about Alia. Ishita says ok to him. On the other side, Shagun is having a doubt on Alia that she likes Mihir a lot. She is attracted towards Mihir. If this will become true then she will take her advantage. She will use Alia as her puppet. She is getting so happy to think about Alia and Mihir. She thinks that god helps her at every step, which makes her successful. Here Sanchi is getting shocked to see Mihika and Romi together. She thinks that Mihika is Romi’s wife and due to this, Sanchi feels so guilty that she is responsible for Mihika’s all problems. Ishita says to Mihika that Sanchi is so sweet because she prepared notes for me. Mihika says she is so sweet. Sanchi says let me go, I have some urgent work. Mihika says ok, but you will come again because you came to know my address. Sanchi smiles and goes from there. Here Raman, Pihu, and Ruhi are coming back by watching a movie. Ruhi asks Pihu about Movie. Pihu says movie was awesome and I enjoyed a lot. Pihu says to Raman that, papa remember now you will make choco chips cookies, Raman says ok my dear, I will make cookies for you.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th August 2016 Written Episode 894 Update

Raman is coming in the home and starts to prepare cookies for Pihu. Ishita comes there and asks Raman for the help. But Raman says to her that I will make at his own, you may go and do your studies. Ishita says I just want to supervise you. Raman says I am an owner of a big company and it’s too easy for me to make cookies. Ishita goes from there. Raman starts to make cookies by reading recipes. After to complete all the task and put the tray in oven. He thinks that he will get fresh and up till cookies will get ready. Behind him, Ishita comes there and gets burned cookies. She opens an over and then Raman also comes there. He feels bad by seeing burned cookies. Ishita says don’t worry, we will prepare it again. Raman says it’s ok. Ishita says let me help you. Raman says no, I will make these cookies by myself.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th August 2016 Written

Ishita says I will just read the recipe here and you will follow it. Raman says ok. Suddenly, Mihir, Alia, and Ruhi are coming there. Ishita gets so happy to see them all. Ishita gives that recipe page to Ruhi and then comes outside with Mihir and Alia. Ishita ties a rakhi on Mihir’s hand and gets a gift. They are looking so lovely with each other. Alia staring at Mihir and feels so good. Ishita says to him that I missed you Mihir on every Rakhi from last seven years. Mihir says it’s same from my side bhabhi. Suddenly, Aditya comes there. Mihir says to Aditya to come with him because he want to discuss the project because tomorrow is the dealline for that project. Aditya is not ready because he wants to spend some time with Alia. But Mihir takes him forcefully. Ishita and Alia are sitting together. Ishita asks Alia what happened? Alia asks what? Ishita says Aalu, you tell me, are you falling in love? Alia says no Amma. Ishita forces her by saying that you are getting more beautiful day by day, and your words are getting sweeter, and even you eyes are full of love sparkle. Then, what is this? Alia smiles and says that, I feel something for him but don’t know, he feels for me the same or not? Ishita smiles and getting so excited to know more. Alia says that she will tell everything but when right time will come. Ishita says ok.

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