YHM: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th August 2016 Written Episode 897 Update

YHM: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th August 2016 Written Episode 897 Update on Tellyserialupdates.com

The Upcoming Serial continues with the scene in which Ishita will be getting angry after come to know about Singhal’s thinking that why he is not ready to invest in their project. Even though, she repeats in front of Singhal that you think women are weak and not able to handle a business, so all over you don’t have any trust in womena and that’s why you are not ready to invest in our company. I was wrong that I thought that you think I didn’t have any business experience or business backgroud and that’s why you are not ready to invest in my company. But now when I come to know that why you are not ready. Then, let me clear that I will complete this project at any cost and you will see it. Mr. Singhal is getting shocked to hear this. He says to Ishita that I am ready to invest in your project but I have on condition. Raman ask what? He says if you will not complete this project then you will return my all funds with 15% interest and 25% penalty amount. Raman says not only 15%, even I will give you 50% interest and 50% penalty if we will not complete it. Ishita says we accept your condition.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th August 2016 Written Episode 897

Mr. Singhal is getting shocked to see Ishita’s confidence. He says to Raman that I believe that you and Ishita will complete this project very well. But after that I am giving you my all best wishes. Raman and Ishita says thanks to him. All Bhalla Family is doing dinner with each other. Ishita serves food to all people. Pihu shouts loudly and says that I want to eat pasts instead of this food. Toshi Bhalla says that let her make a pasts for Pihu aka Ruhanika Dhawan. Raman says no maa, you have no need to make pasta for her. Toshi says to Simmi to make pasta for Pihu. Raman says to all that I don’t want to see anyone to waste this food. So Pihu you also eat this food. Nobody will make pasta for you. Pihu says she only eats pasta, if my mumma is here then she never give this food to me. Raman says I know whats going on? Pihu gets silent. Raman says if you want to eat something then you eat this one otherwise you may go and sleep. Pihu stands up and about to go. But Raman says to her that sit here and finish your food whatever served in your plate. Pihu sits there. Slowly, slowly all people finished their food. But Pihu doesn’t touch her plate.  In the last, Raman also stands up and says to Pihu to finish your food now. Raman goes from there and talks to Ruhi about Pihu. Suddenly, Pihu starts to eat her food. Ruhi gets so happy. Raman says to her that this is opur first success and very soon Ishita will also touch the success.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th August 2016 Written

Here Ishita and Mihir are talking to each other about their project. Mihir says to Ishita that Mr. Singhal demanded unusually. Like he wants more than 50% profit. Ishita says I know but we will do our best. Mihir says to her that bhabhi I have a plan through which we will easily take out 40% profit. Ishita says just tell me now. Aditya is also sitting there and he gets Alia’s call. She asks Aditya that If I want to give a gift to one of my friend then what will I buy? Aditya says you may give him a shirt, tie, wallet, and so many things are here to give. He says that gift doesn’t matter Alia, only feelings matters who are behind to give a gift. Ishita hears their conversaton and thinks that Alia likes Aditya. This is such a great thing, I never imagined.

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