YRKKH: Karthik Agree to Marry Gayu, Akshara-Naitik Happy, Naira Gets Astonished

YRKKH (Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Latest News): Karthik Agree to Marry Gayu, Akshara-Naitik Happy, Naira Gets Astonished on TellySerialUpdates.com

The Star Plus most familiar and lovely show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai will bring a high voltage Drama amid Karthik aka Mohsin Khan, Gayu aka Sanchi Singh, and Naira aka Shivangi Joshi. In the upcoming episode, not only the Karthik, even Akshara and Naitik will also get misunderstand the situation.

In the ongoing tracks of YRKKH, Akshara gets a heart on which ‘I Love You Karthik’ has been written down. Akshara gets shocked but she thinks like whether Naira or Gayu loves Karthik. So that decides to confront Naira or Gayu for this. In the upcoming serial, Akshara will call Gayu and Naira, then she asks them about this heart.

Naira decides that she will confess her love for Karthik in front of Akshara aka Hina Khan. But before that, Gayu aka Sanchi Singh will confess her love for Karthik to Akshara. So that Akshara will get so happy after to hear this. She will ready to support Gayu in getting her love forever.

Akshara will share this with Naitik. After a full discussion, they will get ready to support Gayu and they will go to meet Karthik. But when they will put their proposal in front of Karthik, he will be getting happy to hear about the alliance. He will think that Akshara and Karthik are coming to bring their daughter’s alliance proposal for him.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Latest News: Naira Gets Shocked to Hear Gayu & Karthik’s Alliance

He assumes Naira instead of Gayu. So that he gets ready for the marriage. He will say yes. After when Naitik and Akshara will come back to home and tells everyone about Gayu and Karthik’s alliance. All people will be getting so happy except Naira because she gets shocked to hear this.

In this show, the storyline of Mujhse Dosti Karoge has been started up when Karthik and Naira loves each other, in between Gayu comes there. She confesses her love to Akshara. Family members fixed Gayu and Karthik’s alliance which will dishearten Naira because she got late in confessing her love to anyone.

Here Karthik will be getting excited to hear about his marriage news with Naira. He will be getting out of control. But he doesn’t know about the  biggest misunderstanding of Gayu’s entry in between Naira and Karthik. There will be a love triangle happen.

Will Naira tell the truth to everyone?

Will Akshara support Naira or Gayu?

Will Karthik tell the truth?

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