Zindagi Ki Mahek 3rd October 2017 Written Episode Update Future Twist

Zindagi Ki Mahek written update 3rd October 2017 Written Episode Update Twist Future story of Zindagi Ki Mahek. Spoilers & latest News/Update on TellySerialUpdates.com

The serial starts with the scene in which all Sharma and Khanna’s family members are on the stage where a real Ravan character playing man is getting angry and says that I am not ready to do this drama because there is a fight in the script but here is the only family drama is going on. Jeevan, Sonal, and all other people are getting shocked to see this. They start to cover her words like we can do fight with you right now. Shaurya is recalling Ajay’s words like Mahek will be getting die whenever Ravan will get burn.

Mahek will also burn with Ravan today. Suddenly, Shaurya’s mind works like Mahek is present in the idol of Ravan. Shaurya is running towards the Ravan and all just to save Mahek. Here Ajay and his brother are getting angry to see Shaurya there. Ajay shouts and says that I told him to bring property papers but he is not bringing those papers.

Zindagi Ki Mahek 3rd October 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek is inside the Ravan’s body in the raamleela ground whereas Shaurya is trying hard to find out her there on the ground. Now the raam is all set to burn Raavan there. Ajay burns the Ravan and then Shaurya is going inside to save Mahek at any cost. Finally, he brings Mahek out from the Ravan and then hugs her tightly. All family members are also coming there. Mahek hugs everyone and feels so weak. But everyone is handling her.

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Even though, Ajay is running away from there. But Shaurya is running behind him just to catch him. Shaurya beats him very badly and then brings him to the place where Mahek, and all other family members are present. They are also catching Nikki, Pammi, and everyone there who have supported Ajay in his motives and all.

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Shaurya hugs Mahek. A song plays on behind the scene and that is, Tu Hai Meri Saari Jameen, Chahe Jahan Se Chalu.” Shaurya makes a promise to Mahek that I will not let you go away from me now. We will live together from now onwards. Even though we will get happy always. After some time, they are coming to the home whereas dadi welcomes them. Even Shaurya is getting is property back after a big fight.

Zindagi Ki Mahek 3rd October 2017 Written Episode Update

Dadi calls Shaurya as the hero. Shaurya says that you don’t worry, I will take care of your Mahek forever. Now the Shaurya’s father says that everything is coming back to the normal. So we have to good dinner today. Everyone says yes. All people are present at Khanna Mansion. Shaurya is trying to romance Mahek in front of everyone. Later a servant is coming there and informs them like food is ready. You people may come to the dining table for the dinner. Karona says to Shaurya that you guys will go to your room and had dinner there because you all are getting tired. Shaurya and Mahek are getting happy. Then Mahek is trying to go to the room but she is getting faint. Shaurya shouts and handles her. He asks Vicky to call the doctor there. Now the doctor is coming there and says that Mahek is having some weakness and nothing else. After some time, all Sharma family is asking Shaurya to come to their house tomorrow for taking Mahek along with him because they are going to take Mahek along with them. Finally, they are going to their house. In the night time, Ravi chacha is making a tea for all person and then asks Mahek to make food for all people. Mahek says ok I will make food for all people.

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