Zindagi Ki Mahek Upcoming Twist: Mahek & Khurana Arrested in Shaurya’s Murder Case

Zindagi Ki Mahek Upcoming Twist August 2017 Mahek & Khurana Arrested in Shaurya’s Murder Case on TellySerialUpdates.com

The ZEE TV show Zindagi Ki Mahek is in trouble this time because Mahek and Advocate Digvijay Khurana are playing a game with all people by saying that Shaurya is getting killed by the Ajay and they hide Shaurya in the hotel just to implement their plan through which they will get their property back.   Here we are going to give you Hindi Serial Upcoming News 2017.

Mahek, Shaurya, and Digvijay Khurana are included in this plan. Hence the show is getting so much interesting now when the Police catch Mahek and Digvijay Khurana in the Shaurya’s murder case. But now the viewers want to know the gossip behind this. Here we are going to tell you that why Police catch Mahek and Digvijay Khurana in the murder case. where is Shaurya? On the other side, all the family members are getting so much shocked to see this.

Zindagi Ki Mahek Upcoming Updates 2017: Mahek & Khuaran Arrested, Family Gets Shocked:

In the upcoming episode, They are not ready to accept Shaurya’s death but Mahek hides the truth according to their plan. Later when Mahek and Digvijay are not getting Shaurya anywhere. Suddenly, he is getting missed. Mahek and Khurana are trying to find out him very curiously. But they don’t get Shaurya anywhere. On the other side, Nikki comes to know everything about the Mahek and Khurana’s plan. She is trying hard to trap Mahek and Khurana in their own plan.

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So that’s why she makes a complaint to Police against Mahek and Khurana that they have killed Shaurya and now they are blaming Ajay for this. Even Mahek confess that Shaurya is alive but Nikki and Ajay hide him somewhere. But at last, Police arrests Mahek and Khurana in Shaurya’s murder case which may shatter all family members very badly. Also Read, Zindagi Ki Mahek 22nd August 2017 Written.

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Will Mahek prove herself innocent? 

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