Zindagi Ki Mehek Upcoming Twist 2017: Shaurya-Mahek Re-Unites, Archi’s Master Plans Gets To Fail

Zindagi Ki Mehek Upcoming Twist 2017: Shaurya-Mahek Re-Unites, Archi’s Master Plans Gets To Fail on TellySerialUpdates.com

One of the most famous Serials of the Zee TV Channel is Zindagi Ki Mehek which is getting interesting day by day. The Serial Zindagi Ki Mehek is passing through an interesting phase whereas the Mandhaar and Archi are making a master plan to separate Mehek and Shaurya forever. As per their master plan, Mandhaar starts to behave very sweetly and nicely with the Mehek and he asks her to come outside for the lunch also. Mehek feels little strange but she thinks maybe Mandhaar is getting changed nowadays.

Mandhaaris trying hard to win Mehek’s confidence and that’s why he asks her to forget cooking for today and they are going outside for the lunch date. Mehek feels good. After some time, Mandhaar asks Mehek about her favorite restaurant for the lunch. Mehek suggests one of the restaurants where they will go along with Neev. Here Archi is also trying to make Shaurya ready for the lunch.

Zindagi Ki Mehek Upcoming Story 2017: Shaurya-Mandhaar Fight Brings Mehek’s Memory Back

Actually, Mandhaar tells Archi about the restaurant during their conversation and that’s why she will go to the same restaurant where Mehek and Mandhaar will already present. Mandhaar will make a plan to propose Mehek as soon as possible. But when Shaurya and Archi will reach the same place when he gets angry to see Mehek with Mandhaar. It’s Obvious that Shaurya will do a fight with Mandhaar for spending time with his Mehek.

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Shaurya will go near to the Mandhaar just to beat him but Archi will indicate Mandhaar to control his anger because it will ruin everything in his life. She will indicate like if he will control himself in front of the Mehek then he will easily win her confidence and trust. Due to which she will easily get agree to marry him soon. Mandhaar says ok. But when Shaurya gets serious about beating him then Mandhaar lost himself and starts to do a fight with Shaurya. Mehek won’t able to see Shaurya in a trouble. She shouts very badly to see blood on Shaurya’s head. Maybe she will recall something and her memory comes back. Stay tuned with us. Maybe Shurya and Mehek re-unite soon after this fight.

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