001 College Essay Examples Of Personal

001 College Essay Examples Of Personal Wonderful A Statement

You already know that your personal statement could be the one factor that keeps you out, or lets you into the school of your dreams, but you may not know how important it is to have a fresh set of eyes on it before you turn it in. While you may have read over your personal statement several times, there are still reasons that you will want someone else to read it over as well.

Planning Part A _ Flesh out the information you can provide including your experience/motivations. Writing prompts will give you cues for the content when you hit the writing stage. Here are some questions that you could use to formulate information: _ Who do I really think I am? Who do others think I am? (include characteristics and skills e.g. loyal, hardworking, born leader, attention to detail)_ What has caused changes to who I am over the years? How have I grown as a person and what caused these changes or growth? How did these experiences affect me? What makes me unique? This is an extremely hard question to ask ourselves without filling in cliché's. This is a great time for honesty and self reflection to kick in. You may in reality be like a lot of other people; however, no two people experience the same thing in the same way with the same results. Here is one of the great answers I have enjoyed in the past "Yes, I am unique, just like everybody else." add a BUT on to that and I am sure it will get you thinking. If you're really stuck it is time to do the trusted colleagues, friends and family survey _ you might be surprised with what comes up.

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001 College Essay Examples Of Personal Wonderful A Statement

001 College Essay Examples Of Personal

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