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One approach is to begin with an interesting statement, then follow it with a brief overview of your main theme. e creative with your introductory paragraph. Another approach to make it unique is to use personal information that distinguishes you from the rest and makes the essay stand out from others. Another approach is to use a fact or a literary concept, which is relevant to your theme. Paraphrase it or use a direct quote, and add in whatever point you are trying to make. As much as you would like to present a good introduction, do not fall into the trap of making hasty generalizations, sweeping statements, and/or other pronunciations. Keep the tone light and personal. After all, you are telling your own story.

When you applied as an undergraduate, your personal statement probably didn't make much of a difference, because undergraduate admissions are heavily based on numbers (GPAs, test scores, etc). Graduate and professional school admissions are different! Your competitors will have grades and test scores similar to yours, because most people who have the motivation to pursue an advanced degree did well as undergraduate students. As the number of applicants rises and academic budgets are cut, every year there's more competition for fewer admissions openings. How does the committee determine that you have what it takes to succeed in advanced studies? You guessed it. Your personal statement will play a determining role in whether or not your application is successful. So you know you need to write the strongest, most persuasive personal statement you can. But here are two facts you may not know. First, most reviewers will spend only a couple minutes skimming your personal statement. Second, because their job is to weed out the majority of applications, reviewers are looking for reasons not to recommend you for admission.

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003 Personal Statement Layout Template Formatting Ucla

001 Ucla Personal Incredible Statement Graduate School Examples Law

001 Ucla Personal

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