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Although a personal statement is deemed to be an optional part of a resume, it is a golden opportunity to grab the recruiting manager's attention from the moment he picks up your application. This is crucial since you have about 5┦ seconds to make an impression on paper, not an easy task! Basic personal statement tips include keeping it short and to the point, including your ambition, ensuring every single world counts and steering clear of dull and clichéd phrases. Few people seem to adhere to these guidelines and include one of the following mistakes instead.

There are two types of Personal Statement. General and comprehensive statement is often prepared for standard medical or law schools. It gives you liberty to write whatever could expose you the best. Example, tell us about yourself and your goals or why do you want to do this course? The second type asks for the response to either specific or multiple questions. These are mostly prepared by the applicant applying to business, teaching, graduate schools/ organizations/agencies. It gives you less freedom, but still important to be thoughtful and persuasive. Example, tell us about a personal quality, talent, accomplishment, contribution or experience that is important to you and how does it relate to the person you are? Remember, personal statement is not like an ordinary college essay. It is the most formal document to be written by self. If you're determined to write a personal statement, then you need to be skilful in good grammar, strong vocabulary, sentence formation, paragraph formation, editing and summarizing skills, to write an effective piece.

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