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So when writing a personal statement, it's crucial to keep those purposes in mind. Very first and foremost, you desire to use the statement as your chance to express your individuality. Discover the aspects of the life and your history which set you apart from the crowd, that make you uniquely you. A excellent method to accomplish this is by means of the use of anecdotes _ true stories from your genuine life. Pepper your individual statement throughout with small narratives which highlight your past trials and triumphs; try particularly to emphasize the excellent qualities of yours which showed as a result of during these times of good stress or good success. Also, do not forget to do your finest writing. This might seem quite obvious on its surface. But when writing a statement, a lot of applicants become preoccupied with listing their own accomplishment and positive attributes. Then the personalized statement becomes no several from a cover letter, and that's not what writing a personal statement is all about.

oMake sure you haven't used over long, unwieldy sentences or paragraphs. If you have you must break these up. _ oThat you've started your personal statement with a powerful introduction so this captures your reader's attention _ straight away. oThat your structure is easy to follow and that each sentence hooks into the next line. oThat you finish with your future career goals. _ A key advantage is to use a professional to edit and improve your personal statement. If, however you are working in isolation and do not have that advantage, be wary of allowing family or friends to read and comment on it. For one thing, an outside will be objective and critical: they may be full of praise or go to the other extreme so far as style, at least, is concerned.

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004 Page 9 Personal Statement Carney Beautiful Sandoe

004 Page 9 Personal Statement Carney

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