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Common Errors in Composing Personal Statements _ The following lists some of the more common errors in most compositions: In appropriate use of punctuations such as excessive commas, and incorrect placement of apostrophes and quotation marks, colons, and semi_colons. When in doubt, consult a basic style guide to check your usage. _ Contractions. Contractions dramatically reduce the formality of your composition. Use the more formal "cannot," "would not," or "should not," instead of "can't," "won't," or "shouldn't." Slang and common colloquial words and expressions. Words and phrases like "a lot," "ain't," "got," "big," "for sure," "gonna," "sort of," "kinda," and the like should never be used. Clichés. These make your writing informal and unintentionally funny. However, when employed correctly, they can actually help add variety to your essay. Repetitive use of words such as ("likewise," "thus," and the like). Keep a thesaurus handy so that you can vary your language. However, do not use "big" words just to impress the reader. Vagueness. This may lead to open interpretation that does not express your ideas as well as more precise words would. "A few" or "enough" can often be replaced by a word that is more precise. Phrases such as these will only leave the reader confused. Make your claims clearer and justified. Steps to Follow to Ensure the Further Improvement of a PS

Try to narrate your statement in the form of a story. Remember, if your statement is fresh, lively, and different, you'll be putting yourself ahead of the pack. After concluding your opening paragraph, begin answering the question/s asked in detail in the form of paragraphs. Do not form so many paragraphs. The best idea is to break your statement into paragraph, when new ideas start.Forming statement require vigorous practice. Be specific and write about your experience/s and any problems you faced in your life in brief. Do not forget to add your achievements and career goals. Do lots of research about the particular organization or university applying for, and add some good about them in general. Give only logical examples and add some quotes to support your statement, where necessary End your statement on a high note. Strong ending may leave the reader with a final positive image of you. You can summarize the whole essay. It is wise to end your statement with a conclusion that refers back to the lead and restates your topic.

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