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An excellent introduction _ The first goal of any PS is to generate a compelling lead and engage the readers. Start with a powerful selling point to catch the reader's (usually an admission officer) eye. Given the high volume of application submissions, admission officers generally give each personal statement a quick scan before separating the outstanding submissions for a more thorough reading. Therefore, it is extremely important for the personal statement, specifically the lead, to be compelling and unique. This means that your words need to be short and punchy. The members of an admissions committee pore over thousands of submissions on a daily basis. From these, only a handful will catch their attention from the outset. They do not have the time to go over each of these essays, thus an essay's introduction should be arresting enough to make the readers want to continue reading on. An excellent introduction is therefore crucial if you wish your essay to stand out from the rest. In the next section, we will present ways to achieve an excellent introduction and some samples to demonstrate these.

When you are sifting through the vast amount of sample you will have access to, be sure that you are looking for samples that will pertain to you and your personal situation. Once you find sample personal statements that you think have helpful information you can print them out and highlight any areas that you feel may help you when you set out to write your own statement. It is also a good idea to take notes as you go along.

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