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9. Plagiarize your statement, or submit content you paid someone to write _ Most grad and professional school applicants have not read hundreds of personal statements and are unaware of how unique each person's writing style is. It really doesn't take much for admissions committees to note that the language and style of a candidate's personal statement is different from the writing found in other parts of the applications. There are also a few dozen so_called sample personal statements on the internet that are frequently copied and submitted as the applicant's own essay. Committees are well aware of this! You can also hire someone to write a personal statement for you. It may sound great to you, but you should realize that such essays are based on a template that they just customize for you, using the same paragraph organization and phrases. It's a smart move to get an expert to help you revise and polish your words into a persuasive statement. It's risky to plagiarize a statement from the internet, or hire someone to write the whole statement for you.

Your introduction and even your first sentence are the most important part of your personal statement. This is where you can grab the attention of the admissions representative. Make your first sentence unique and compelling. It is recommended that you state in a creative way WHY you want to undertake this field of study in your first sentence. The rest of your introduction should provide a brief explanation that supports this first statement. Divide the word limit by the three parts of your personal statement by allocating your introduction around 30%.

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