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How to write your medical school personal statement: Tell stories Storytelling is how we relate to each other socially. We tell stories to each other all the time. A highly persuasive medical personal statement means that you're pulling the reader into your life story as it intersects your purpose for medicine, the reason why you're interested in pursuing medicine. The most persuasive storytelling you can do is to write about what you have done in your life that relates to your interest in medicine. Okay, so that's persuasion. How to write your medical school essay: High_impact language Use high_impact language. Bottom line for high_impact language is specificity. You want an emotional kind of absolute quality to your speech. You want to elevate your essay so that when you read it you feel like you're not just a little bit committed to your topic, but you're 10ꯠ% committed to your topic. This is really hard for a college student to do because college students don't want to be 10ꯠ% committed to anything.

6. REVISE, REVISE, REVISE. Have another person (several persons) critique your work. Use fellow students, trusted professors, your parents or significant other _ anyone who will read your statement closely and give you constructive advice. You, yourself, should read your statement out loud; the ear will hear errors (sentence fragments, grammatical missteps) the eye misses. Be aware of unconscious mistakes, like starting every sentence with the work "I", using cliches (example: saying you want to be a doctor to "help people"), or over_stating or exaggerating accomplishments or emotions. Once satisfied, put the statement down, do not over_write it and drain it of all intensity and enthusiasm. Lastly, think on this. Your personal statement is your opportunity to tell your "story" and a window into your humanity _ ultimately, that is what makes it engaging and memorable to the schools you are applying to.

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