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One must be able to provide the officers necessary information as well as give a good impression of their personality. There are some people who find it difficult to write about themselves, as they consider it as boasting. Still, one must mention their positive qualities though they do not feel it much. At the same time, there should not be too much of boasting. The academic officers will evaluate your ability based on the personal statement. Therefore, it must be clear and concise, grammatically correct and error_free. This statement might even form the basis of an interview discussion. So it becomes important for candidates to keep a copy of their statement so that it might be of use at the time of interview. As the personal statements are creative, one must use it to convince the officers why they want to spend three or more years studying the chosen subject at the university.

OK, I've done some research and lots of thinking, now what? Write down some ideas and topics that you think are relevant and then expand them into sentences and paragraphs. Next show your personal statement to as many people as possible to get feedback and advice and draft it again and again until you are happy with it. Always read it with a critical eye and imagine you are the admissions officer for your chosen course and ask this question: Would you give you a place on this course after reading your personal statement and WHY? _ What should I focus on if I'm an EU or International student and English is not my first language?

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